Water Well Project

Our Parish took on this challenge in order to help alleviate the suffering of the children at the Orphanage and to provide a clean and safe source of water. Their current water source (which is shown on this page) is located at a distance from the Orphanage. In addition, the children and the staff of the Orphanage would have to travel by foot down a busy road in order to physically obtain this water which is also not purified and safe for consummation.  On Agape Sunday (Sunday, April 28th 2019) our parish raised near $1,600 in donations from the Agape Luncheon. We received an additional $800 from donors outside of our parish. Through the generosity of an anonymous family of our parish who donated the difference, we were able to reach our goal of $6,000. This money will be used towards establishing an on-site source of water for the Orphanage. The cost of the project is $2,000 for the ground/water test and $4,000 for the water well equipment.  We thank all parishioners and nonmembers of our parish who assisted the Orphanage through prayers and donations!