Expansion of Water Well Project

Through our parish's efforts and prayers, Fr. Constantinos had the shed built that will hold the power control mechanism that is now connected to the newly installed solar panels. The funds for these items were raised during Fr. Constantinos' recent trip to America back in late 2019. Now with these installed items and the existing pump, we have helped the Orphanage to have a constant and secure source of water!  In addition, another critical safety improvement is the newly installed drainage pipes. Even though Kenya is dry for most of the year, it does have a short rainy season in which there can be flooding which poses a drowning danger, especially to little children. The drainage along the path/roads will help to remove water that would normally pose a risk while also increasing the accessibility to the Orphanage during the periods of heavy rains.  

Unexpectedly, other Orthodox Christians added more to the project by donating a water tower! The water tower will help to pressurize the water for disturbing throughout the Orphanage, thus opening the possibility of having running sinks or toilets as an example. For the time being, this new addition will help with irrigation on the land the Oprhnage owns. This is extremely helpful since they rely on solar power to power the pump. Since they depend on solar energy, they need storage to store as much water during the times when solar power has its limitations. Fr. Constinios has expressed that it is a miracle how they have gone from water on donkeys to water on tap with our support. Even though 2020 has been a difficult year for many, this year will also be remembered at the Orphanage as the year they safely become self-sufficient with running water!